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Olivers Mount

Postcode: YO11 2UG


2 Miles South of Scarborough town cente, North Yorkshire. The Course is signed from the A170 and the A165.

The start line is at one end of the tarmaced paddock
Leave the line onto a short straight over a slight crest before braking deep into a banked double apex hairpin, careful on the off camber exit onto the main circuit start/finish straight hitting 4th gear on the big bikes before heavy braking under the trees into mere hairpin. The exit of the hairpin can be tricky but crucial for the drive up quarry hill under the footbridge. Very fast left hander ¾ of the way up the hill before braking hard and changing direction for the top shicane, quick left/right and short sideways squirt to the line. Enough room for a celebration wheelie/rolling stoppie to the holding bay if the time was good!

Map thanks to the Auto66 club.

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