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Open Class

This is The Overall Championship, everyone is part of this, but you have to be really fast to get points, and to be in with a chance, a really top class Hill Climber - in the past our fast guys have beaten world class bike racing names, and not by a small margin!

Classic & Vintage Class

The Classic Championship is for those classic machines of the halcyon days of motorcycling, with that evocative sound and beautiful looks. From the inception of bikes up until wartime for the vintage and post war until the 70's for the classics - pure nostalgia, but not slow! Many of these machines are still trashing modern machines, it's the rider that counts!

Forgotten Era Class

Established in 2008, this championship is designed for motorcycles of all types from the 1970 to 1989 period that many people would like to race - those bikes that fall between two stools: neither old enough to be a classic nor young enough to be fully competitive. The "Forgotten Era" championship aims to give these bikes and their riders a chance to compete with broadly similar machinery, have a real chance at a championship and have other competitors to try and beat on the day with no complicated machine specifications or scoring regimes!

Road Legal Class

This Championship is designed to give road bikes a chance. So MOTs, lights and a road bike are required - a hotly contested class for road going machines, you've got to be able to ride very well to get well up in the points. However if you are a beginner on your road bike you have a chance to compete on equal grounds.

Junior Class

This is for anyone over the age of 13 and younger than 16 on the 1st of April with a bike from 80cc to 125cc with a manual clutched gearbox. Wheel size has to be 10" or greater. Two or four stroke. Entries will not be accepted for Step-through's, Twist and Go's, Pocket bikes or anything which has a semi or fully automatic gearbox.

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