NHCA Calendar 2020 -

All events are subject to change at no notice

Curborough 25/26th July

Documents          Note: This event has limited numbers and no day licences or memberships are available

                              The event is subject to cancellation at any time.


                               Note: Entries must be completed, then scanned and emailed to saraattheseaside@aol.com 

                               Cheques must then be brought to the event and placed in the box supplied, where they will be kept

                               for 72 hours before processing. Postal entries will not be accepted.

                               Note: There are no championship rounds this year, at present all championships have been

                               cancelled for this year.

Risk Assessment

*UPDATED* Supplementary Regs

25-7-20 Regs

25-7-20 Entry

26-7-20 Regs

26-7-20 Entry

V2.1 06/0720

Shelsley 9th August

9/8/20 Regs

9/8/20 Entry

V2.0 14/7/20



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