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Loton Park

Nearest Postcode: SY5 9AG


Loton Park is in a deer park owned by Sir Michael Leighton, and is situated 9 miles west of Shrewsbury on the B493 road. The course is 1475 yards (1349 metres) long

Loton is a beautiful venue, well worth a visit! one of the longer tracks, it starts with a gentle right hander into a tighter left, and then left again onto a straight. From there we have a tight right hander followed by enough straight to get up enough speed to cause problems on the adversely cambered left leading to a long straight. Now here's the interesting bit - the 90 Left at the end of the straight is blind over the brow of the hill, so you have to use the braking markers. From there its another blind right, and a blast to the finish - fantastic !

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